Announcing the Latest Climate Neutral Certified Brands

Ellie Read
August 17, 2023
We’re delighted to introduce the newest Climate Neutral Certified brands. Each successfully met the leading Standard of climate action by measuring, reducing, and compensating for their annual emissions.

There is no doubt you’ve been seeing record coverage on the impacts of climate change this summer. Meanwhile, the next set of Climate Neutral Certified companies have been hard at work taking immediate responsibility for their climate impact and actively investing in climate solutions.  

Since April, 65 companies have successfully worked to meet the Climate Neutral Certified Standard by: 

  1. Measuring their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions generated from making and delivering products and services
  2. Developing time-bound Reduction Action Plans to reduce their emissions over the next 12-24 months and setting longer term reduction targets
  3. Compensating for their 2022 climate impacts by investing in eligible verified carbon offset projects that remove and avoid emissions 

Collectively, these certifying companies offset 147,268 tonnes of carbon and directed approximately $1.2 million towards climate solutions.

We also did some number crunching on Climate Neutral’s year-to-date impact for 2023.  To date, the certified community has offset close to 1 million tonnes of carbon and invested over $6.7 million in climate solutions.   

It’s clear: the urgent threat of a changing climate continues to drive demand for corporate climate action. Our Climate Neutral Certified brands now make and deliver billions of dollars of goods and services, and their global presence is helping spur projects to reduce and eliminate climate-changing emissions around the world.

We’re excited to introduce the 30 companies below that have become Climate Neutral Certified for the very first time: 

Adanac Tech

Alpine Fit



Blackfish Ventures LLC

Blue Dot Way, LLC

Blue Planet Outdoors

Bona Furtuna N.A.

Bronwen Jewelry LLC




Everoot Consulting

FUSION Performance Group


Live Story Inc

Marnie Hawson

Minty Made

Modern Standard Coffee

Natural Learning Northwest

New Sprout Organic Farms, LLC

Rhoback, INC


Sevilla Smith


The Disruption Society

Vargo Outdoors

Venture Stories

Wild Elements

Wingback Ltd

We're equally delighted to recognize the following 35 recertifying companies that have completed their annual Climate Neutral Certified requirements. The accountability of these brands shows their dedication to climate action, as well as their steadfast commitment to decarbonizing their organizations—and the planet. 

Another Tomorrow

Athletic Greens






Glow Recipe



Kate McLeod

Kenna Group


Leaf Shave



Marine Agency Corp


Nimble for Good, PBC (dba Nimble)

Nocs Provisions



Open Water


P.F. Candle Co.

Pure Brewing



Sunday Beer Co.


Supercharge Ltd

Vahdam Teas


Vintner's Daughter


We invite you to celebrate the newly certified Climate Neutral brands that have taken immediate responsibility for their carbon emissions. Look for their Climate Neutral Certified labels, support them ‘in the wild’, and give us a shout if you know of any other companies who should #BeClimateNeutral.  

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About the Author

Ellie Read
Certification Director

Ellie is an accomplished product manager with experience scaling tech solutions for impact. Ski fanatic, ocean lover, and passionate believer in the potential for corporate action against the climate crisis, Ellie has an MBA in Sustainable Solutions. She is always seeking ways to improve her impact, her team, and her dog's falsetto, and loves a good high five.

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