How it Works

Certification is a three-step process developed around peer-reviewed standards.

The process takes 3-4 months from start to finish.
You can work with us for certification & measurement support,
or have your team or a third party consultant lead it.

01 Measure

Time to Complete

Small Brands: 1-2 hours
Large Brands: 1-3 months (including data aggregation)

Access the BEE
A mockup of the BEE displayed on a laptop screen

Measure emissions and assess the carbon impacts of all of your products and services from cradle to customer.

It all starts here: with a solid inventory of the carbon emissions from making and delivering your products and services. Your measurement will include Scopes 1, 2, and upstream Scope 3 emissions (per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

You may already have this step nailed. Or measurement may sound overwhelming, expensive, and complex. Don’t worry. We’ve simplified the process through extensive guided content and our software tool, the Brand Emissions Estimator, or “BEE.”


For Example

Your company, InTents is a tents company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with most of its manufacturing based in China. The company had $80M in revenue in 2022.

02 Reduce

Time to Complete

1 week to develop plan.
1 to 2 years to implement.

Reduce value chain carbon emissions, and annually document plans and progress toward emissions reductions.

We require all brands to develop and implement reduction action plans (RAPs) to reduce emissions over the next 12-24 months. We're looking for concrete next steps your team is ready to implement.

Brands with over $100M in annual revenues are required to set science aligned reduction targets to reduce emissions ~50% by 2030.

We offer guides, templates, and tools to help you determine where, and how, you can reduce your emissions. Our network of 340+ brands is also an incredible resource for crafting your reduction action plans.


For Example

Your team at InTents noticed a large portion of your emissions were coming from purchased materials and business travel.

03 Compensate

Time to Complete

Up to 2 weeks to complete and document your purchase.

Compensate for all of last year's emissions by purchasing eligible verified carbon and clean energy credits to avoid and/or remove an equivalent amount. That’s how you become “neutral”: one carbon credit removes or avoids one tonne of carbon emissions. Projects like reforestation remove carbon from the atmosphere, while renewable energy avoids emissions from fossil fuels.


For Example

Since InTents’ carbon footprint for 2021 was 63,150 tonnes of carbon, you have to purchase at least 63,150 carbon credits to completely offset your footprint.

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Your Certification Profile

After you've completed these three steps, you're officially certified, and your company will join all of the other certified brands with a brand profile page in our brand directory.

You can begin displaying the label on your products and packaging. Your certification will be active for one year - then you'll recertify.

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