Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate carbon emissions.

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We enlist consumers by giving them a simple choice -- the choice to look for a climate label when they spend money.

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We enable brands by creating access to tools and networks that support them during their decarbonization journey.

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We measure impact by the tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent that our brands measure, remove, avoid, and reduce.

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Mission + Vision

We believe consumers and companies must work together to drive the world toward the net-zero future that science tells us we urgently need.

Our Mission:
eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Impact Goal: one billion tonnes of emissions by 2030.

Our Vision: every consumer can easily find climate neutral products and brands, and every company has the reason and tools to eliminate their emissions.

We're making this a reality through three programs:

The Climate Neutral Certified label, an independent and trusted climate neutrality standard for companies and their products

Emissions measurement tools that democratize carbon accounting and management

Guidance, resources, and a connected community for companies working to accelerate investment in carbon avoidance, removals, and reductions

Our Impact

All Climate Neutral Certified brands measure, reduce, and compensate for their emissions. By doing so, they are setting the standard for immediate corporate climate action.

X Certified Brands

Measured all of the carbon emissions from making and delivering products and services to customers.

700+ Reductions

Undertaken by brands seeking to limit their footprints by understanding and accounting for their carbon.

X Tonnes

CO2 offset through carbon credits from a portfolio of projects including reforestation and renewable energy development.

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The History of Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral was born out of the direct experience of our two founding organizations,  Peak Design and BioLite, which have been carbon neutral since 2018 and 2012, and are united by a common belief that being accountable for carbon is the new normal for responsible business.

Through direct experience, both organizations came to the same conclusion: calculating and offsetting footprints was remarkably easy and surprisingly affordable – why weren’t more businesses doing this as the first step toward eliminating their carbon emissions?

CEO’s Peter Dering and Jonathan Cedar explored the barriers to adoption and uncovered a simple profound insight: somewhere along the way, the carbon conversation got really complicated – and it fundamentally doesn’t have to be. Peter proposed consumers should be able to identify carbon neutral products as easily as certified organic products; Jonathan quickly agreed with the analogy, and the idea for Climate Neutral was born.

In a short time, the organization has grown and flourished into the work we now do in bringing climate neutrality to hundreds of companies and millions of consumers each year.

Addressing the planet’s need for urgent climate action, Climate Neutral enables both consumers and brands to take immediate action. Our process makes it easy for brands to zero out their carbon footprint and reduce future emissions, while our label helps consumers quickly identify those brands who have done so.

We've set our sights set on scaling our impact and are now welcoming brands to get certified for prior year emissions. Join us in our mission to decrease global carbon emissions.

The Team

Lauren Frisch

Program Impact

Lauren FrischLauren Frisch
+ Bio

As Climate Neutral's resident scientist, Lauren likes to apply a researcher’s eye to all aspects of her life. These days that means helping brands set long-term climate targets, training for endurance races, and optimizing her Zoom setup specifically to appease the vanity of her dog, Daisy.

Graham Gephart


Graham GephartGraham Gephart
+ Bio

A marketing leader and content strategist, Graham brings nearly two decades of media, brand, and nonprofit experience to Climate Neutral’s business and consumer storytelling. A Vermonter transplanted to Seattle, Graham is often found (and only occasionally lost) in the Cascades, working hard to pass his love for the mountains to his young kids.

Patrick Gold


Patrick GoldPatrick Gold
+ Bio

After many years working for big-name software development firms, Patrick made the brave but questionable leap into nonprofit climate work as Climate Neutral’s first in-house engineer. He balances the demands of full-stack responsibility with his penchant for board games, sci-fi literature, and his endearing dog.

Ellie Read


Ellie ReadEllie Read
+ Bio

Ellie is an accomplished product manager with experience scaling tech solutions for impact. Ski fanatic, ocean lover, and passionate believer in the potential for corporate action against the climate crisis, Ellie has an MBA in Sustainable Solutions. She is always seeking ways to improve her impact, her team, and her dog’s falsetto, and loves a good high five.

Alicia Rodriguez

Brand Community

Alicia RodriguezAlicia Rodriguez
+ Bio

Craft beer aficionado with a strong passion for her Puerto Rican culture, Alicia brings experience in project management and customer service and holds an MBA in Sustainable Innovation. She looks to create impact and apply intersectionality to everything she does, and believes that everyone can - and should - find a role in addressing the climate crisis.

Sarah Shoemaker

Carbon Measurement

Sarah ShoemakerSarah Shoemaker
+ Bio

Sarah brings a consumer brand perspective to the Climate Neutral team, with a background in e-commerce customer support and sustainability. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara. A California native, you won’t find Sarah far from the Pacific Ocean adventuring in and out of the water.

Isabella Todaro

Carbon Measurement

Isabella TodaroIsabella Todaro
+ Bio

Bella joined the Climate Neutral team with experience in nonprofit and social enterprise work, focusing on sustainable development and off-grid energy in East Africa. She earned a degree in environmental policy from Georgetown University. Bella is an outspoken advocate for her native Cleveland, but is giving Brooklyn a try for a while. Look for her there walking back and forth to the public library.

Austin Whitman


Austin WhitmanAustin Whitman
+ Bio

Team facilitator, impact zealot, and below-average zoom DJ, Austin has worked in climate & energy for 17 years as both a leader and subject matter expert. He loves the challenges and problem-solving of a startup nonprofit, seeks outside adventures, and is often too quick to crack a dad joke.

Board of Directors

Annie Agle

Annie Agle

Sustainability & Impact, Cotopaxi

Jonathan Cedar

Jonathan Cedar

CEO, BioLite

Peter Dering

Peter Dering

CEO, Peak Design

Shomik Dutta

Shomik Dutta

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Overture

Sierra Peterson

Sierra Peterson

Climate Tech Investor

Austin Whitman

Austin Whitman

CEO, Climate Neutral


Greg Norris

Advisor on Methodology Development for GHG Measurement

Ian Monroe

President & CIO, Etho Capital

Maxime Agez

Life Cycle Assessment Advisor

Stephanie Sharron

Legal Advisor/Partner, Morrison Foerster

Advisory Committee

on Eligible Carbon Credits

Reviews and advises on Climate Neutral's standards for eligible verified carbon credits.
This helps ensure the highest impact from certified brands' carbon offsetting investments.

Brian Jones


Casey Pickett

Yale University Carbon Charge

Charlotte Streck

Climate Focus

Derik Broekhoff

Stockholm Environment Institute

Matt Evans

Environmental Commodities Partners

Nancy Bsales


Stephen Donofrio

Forest Trends

Advisory Committee

for the Climate Neutral Standards

Reviews and advises on the "Measure" and "Reduce" requirements of our Climate Neutral Certified Standards.

Adam Brundage

Independent Consultant

Eric Brody

Shift Advantage

Evan Scandling


Georgia Basso

Independent Consultant

Hamish van der Ven

University of British Columbia

Jake Shirmer


Michael Sadowski

The Circulate Initiative

Sarah Leugers

Gold Standard