Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world.

We empower consumers with a label that guides their purchases toward brands that take climate action.

We enlist brands by showing that immediate climate action is possible, and proving that consumers care.

We measure impact in the tonnes of carbon our brands measure, offset, and reduce.

Our Mission

Climate Neutral believes that brands, together with their consumers, must lead the transition to a low-carbon economy by choosing to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon within their business.

Climate Neutral was created to help make this process as simple, actionable and credible as possible. Our three-step process makes carbon footprinting simpler for all businesses, sets clear guidelines for carbon offsetting, and creates and inspires brands to work on emission reductions.

The Climate Neutral Certified label shows consumers which companies have taken these steps. Our growing community of brands is establishing a compelling example for all businesses, and showing governments that it’s time to take carbon emissions seriously.

Videographer and photographer on a boatTruck parked next to a campfire and river with mountain in the background

Origins Of Climate Neutral

Founding organizations BioLite and Peak Design have been neutralizing their footprints since 2012 and 2018 respectively, united by a common belief that being accountable to carbon is the new normal for responsible business. Through direct experience with the process, both organizations came to the same conclusion: calculating and offsetting footprints was remarkably easy and surprisingly affordable – why weren’t more businesses doing this?

CEO’s Jonathan Cedar and Peter Dering explored the barriers to adoption and uncovered a simple profound insight: somewhere along the way, the carbon conversation got really complicated – and it fundamentally doesn’t have to be. Peter proposed consumers should be able to identify carbon neutral products as easily as certified organic products; Jonathan quickly agreed with the analogy, and Climate Neutral Certified was born.

Pairing business’ need for simplicity with the planet’s need for urgent action, Climate Neutral is a platform that connects organizations with the tools and partners to reliably - and quickly - neutralize their footprint, and a certification that amplifies the visibility and value of a brand taking responsibility for their carbon.

Climate Neutral is committed to making the path to carbon neutrality as accessible as possible for brands starting their journey and therefore does not charge for membership. The founding year of Climate Neutral was funded by a $500,000 donation from Peak Design's 1% for the Planet commitment, as well as $65,000 donation from BioLite’s operating budget. We are actively seeking potential donors who will provide the capital this organization needs to achieve worldwide scale.

The Team

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Climate Neutral Team

Austin Whitman

Austin Whitman

Chief Executive Officer


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Austin has spent his career working on early stage environmental markets and technologies, with a healthy dose of policy work along the way. His first venture into carbon offsetting began in grad school with a program he started to sell carbon offsets to his classmates. He firmly believes that solving the climate crisis demands participation from businesses. Austin has a joint MBA/MEM from Yale and a BA from Dartmouth. He lives near Boston with his young family, a few pets, a large collection of woodworking tools, and an eternal thirst for being outside.

Jack Horowitz

Jack Horowitz

Program Manager


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Jack has spent his career working at the intersection of policy, science and the private sector to advance climate change solutions, with a particular focus on regulated and voluntary carbon markets. He holds a BA in Economics from UC Davis and an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Jack lives in San Francisco and loves surfing, playing tennis and backpacking in his free time.

Caitlin Drown

Caitlin Drown

Brand + Communications Manager


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Caitlin joined the Climate Neutral team having spent years promoting the mission and work of both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Caitlin is passionate about using communications, psychology, and behavioral science to raise awareness to the climate crisis and empower individuals to get involved. Caitlin grew up on Cape Cod, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern, and now lives in Boston with her chocolate lab mix, Kai.

Isabella Todaro

Isabella Todaro

Program Coordinator


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Isabella has spent her career in sustainable development, and comes to Climate Neutral after several years in East Africa, where she worked at an environmental education NGO as a Princeton in Africa fellow, and in business development at an off-grid solar energy start-up. Isabella holds a BSFS from Georgetown University in Science, Technology and International Affairs with a concentration in Energy and Environment.  Hailing from Cleveland, she likes native Ohio amphibians — and ice cream.

Board of Directors

Austin Whitman

Peter Dering

Founding Director
CEO, Peak Design


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Peter is the founder and CEO of Peak Design, a San Francisco-based company he started in 2010 that makes photography, outdoor, and lifestyle gear. The idea for Climate Neutral was born of the acute awareness of his company's increasing footprint, the very strong desire to do something concrete about it, and a growing realization that emissions reductions weren't enough. Peak Design has provided the initial seed funding and its team has played an instrumental role in turning this dream into a reality.

Jack Horowitz

Jonathan Cedar

Founding Director
CEO, BioLite


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Jonathan Cedar is the founder and CEO of BioLite, a provider of off-grid energy solutions. Jonathan has spent his career working at the intersection of business and environmental impact and has been recognized by Bloomberg as one of America’s most Promising Social Entrepreneurs and by Fortune’s Change the World List. Jonathan received his BA in Engineering and Environmental Science from Dartmouth College and lives with his wife, Tory, and son, Jasper, in Brooklyn, NY.

Caitlin Drown

Jeff Seabright

Co-Founder, Imagine


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Jeff Seabright is the Co-Founder of IMAGINE, a benefit corporation and foundation with a mission board that stewards the purpose of unleashing business to achieve the Global Goals. He's the former Chief Sustainability Officer at Unilever.

Isabella Todaro

Sierra Peterson

Partner, Lionheart Ventures


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Sierra Peterson is a venture capitalist, angel investor and former executive and policymaker. She is a Partner at Lionheart Ventures, leading the fund’s investments in climate protection. A native of Whidbey Island, Washington, Sierra is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard. She walked on to the Stanford crew team as a college freshman and continues to enjoy endurance sports and time in the wilderness. She lives with her husband and young daughter in San Francisco.

Jack HorowitzJane Franch

Jane Franch

Director of Strategic Sourcing & Sustainability, Numi Organic Tea


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Jane brings a deep understanding of natural systems, acquired through hands’ on research and teaching, combined with 10+ years’ experience in the private sector with CPG brands, actively applying principles of ethical sourcing and ecological respect in triple bottom line, business for good companies. While at Numi, Jane has shaped climate strategy, including leading the company through a full tea garden to teacup GHG accounting process, supply chain mapping, and emissions reductions and offset strategy.  Her work has taken her to five continents and countless villages, where she has had the privilege of getting to know the people and places that grow our tea, coffee, cocoa, hazelnuts, coconuts, mangos, and other delicious treats.

Caitlin DrownGihan Amarasiriwardena

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Co-Founder and President, Ministry of Supply


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Gihan is Co-founder and President of Ministry of Supply, an apparel brand dedicated to making clothing scientifically better through innovative design, cutting-edge manufacturing, and new materials. A graduate of MIT’s chemical engineering program and a tinkerer at heart, Gihan leads design, R&D and product development at Ministry of Supply, and brings his engineering mindset to solving common wardrobe problems and sustainability within our supply chain. Over the past few years he has consistently put his designs to the extreme test. In 2016, he set the Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon in a suit, and in 2018 he cycled across America wearing a Ministry of Supply NASA-derived polo design.


Greg Norris

Advisor on methodology development for GHG measurement

Jennifer Swanson Prince

Development advisor

Scott Beaudoin

Marketing and PR strategy advisor

Liz Willmott

Carbon Program Manager at Microsoft

Ian Monroe

Science and strategy advisor

Advisory Committee on Eligible Carbon Credits

Dan Nepstad

Executive Director,
Earth Innovation Institute

Brian Jones

Senior Vice President,
M.J. Bradley & Associates

Charlotte Streck

Co-Founder and Director,
Climate Focus

Seth Baruch

Chief Executive Officer,

Max Scher

Head of Clean Energy & Carbon Programs,

Cathy Diam-Valla

Owner and Manager,
Accessible Energy

Nancy Bsales

Carbon Offset Strategist,
Freelance Consultant

Matt Evans

Chief Executive Officer,
Up Energy Group

Derik Broekhoff

Senior Scientist,
Stockholm Environment Institute

Advisory Committee for the Climate Neutral Standards

Georgia Basso

Independent Consultant

Eric Brody

Principal and Founder,
Shift Advantage

Marie Gustafsson

Senior Consultant,
South Pole

Sarah Leugers

Director of Communications,
The Gold Standard Foundation

Michael Sadowski

Erb Institute, University of Michigan

Marisa Sanchez Urrea

Senior Manager,
Point Advisory

Barbara Wong

Product Director,
Yerdle Recommerce