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Climate change is here. Let's do something about it.
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The trusted, independent climate label

How do you find companies that are accountable for their carbon?
Not just talking about climate change, but doing something right now?

The Climate Neutral Certified label: a globally-recognized standard for carbon accountability.

Our nonprofit mission:

Eliminate carbon emissions by making climate neutrality a priority for businesses and consumers.
The climate crisis is underway, and averting the worst means cutting global emissions steeply. How do we get there? With immediate accountability - not empty promises.
Climate neutrality is part of the journey - not an endpoint. But if we don't start somewhere, we'll never get anywhere. All certified companies must account for the greenhouse gas emissions from making and delivering their products and services, show how how they are working to reduce them - and compensate for them all, every year.
Why get certified
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Hundreds of Certified Brands. Thousands of Certified Products.

“One of our top sustainability goals was to be a carbon neutral business, but the process can be intimidating and complex. We love Climate Neutral because they make it easier for businesses like ours to calculate and offset our footprint. They help guide every step of the way, and their rigorous standards mean I can feel confident that we aren't cutting corners and are truly accounting for our emissions, selecting high quality carbon offset projects, and coming up with creative carbon reduction initiatives. We feel that it is the responsibility of every business to account for their emissions, and we are thankful we found a great partner in Climate Neutral to help us achieve that goal.”

Athletic Greens
Anna Edgren
Director of Sustainability and Social Responsibility

“One of our core values at Rumpl is 'look to the future responsibly' - one we take very seriously - and one that Climate Neutral has been integral in helping us achieve. Offsetting our carbon footprint each year can be a complicated process, but with the help of Climate Neutral and their portal it has been streamlined into a manageable system.”

John Pinney
Operations & Finance Manager

“​​Climate Neutral Certification has made it possible for us to measure carbon emissions across our entire business and product offering, which has empowered us to make meaningful reductions and invest in impactful forest conservation. Their team has made a complex task both approachable and actionable.”

Matt Stockamp
Sustainability Lead

"Climate Neutral provides an invaluable product & service! When we first became certified, we were much smaller in size, and the ease of the BEE, the helpfulness of the staff, and the accuracy of the estimation, made calculating, reducing, and offsetting our footprint incredibly manageable. The tools & services have only gotten better since, and we’ve been able to make really meaningful strides in our environmental responsibility reporting & goals."

Devon Richardson
Giving & Sustainability Manager

"Our company's goal is zero emissions or negative emissions but, unfortunately, in today's world with today's grid it's not yet possible for us to avoid cradle-to-customer emissions completely. The Climate Neutral Certification program has been a critical component in how we manage emissions in our current supply chain and optimize to a zero/negative carbon footprint -- the program and the BEE tool are thorough, third-party verified and give us confidence in our science-based knowledge of our footprint across scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions while also being manageable and understandable for our team. And Blueland's favorite aspect of the certification is the required Reduction Action Plan because it forces us to put a stake in the ground that we must continuously work to reduce our emissions to zero and it holds us accountable."

John Mascari
Co-Founder & COO

“As a co-operative, we know that we can accomplish exponentially more when we work together in pursuit of a common goal. We see Climate Neutral as a valuable convener and enabler in our collective fight against the climate crisis, and we are thrilled to be a certified brand.”

Gillian Lui
Sustainability Program Manager

“The Climate Neutral team does an amazing job of making a daunting task like solving climate change seem attainable. They equip brands with the tools and knowledge they need to start taking action. Climate Neutral has empowered our team to set ambitious climate targets and have helped develop meaningful solutions to reducing our footprint. They truly serve as partners with you on your climate journey.”

Mara Ley
Sustainability Manager

"At Wyld we believe that taking responsibility for business-related impacts on climate change requires immediate action. Climate Neutral's certification standards aligned with our ambition to show our employees and consumers that we're approaching our sustainable initiatives thoughtfully and holistically."

Chris LoConti
Sustainability Manager

“As a brand, we believe it is our responsibility to take action on our environmental impact. Climate Neutral Certified brings a level of trust to our consumers. In a market where there is little regulation around carbon neutrality, Climate Neutral brings a much-needed standardization and form of accountability. As a part of the Climate Neutral Certified brand community, we found unexpected and immeasurable value in the ability to connect and communicate with a wide range of businesses working toward a common goal.”

Jamie Richards
CSR and Sustainability Lead
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One label, openly defined, easy to understand.

Everywhere you see the label it means the same thing.

01 Measure emissions

Assess the carbon impacts of products and services from cradle to customer

02 Reduce emissions

Annually document plans and progress toward value chain emissions reductions

03 Compensate for each year's emissions

With eligible verified carbon and clean energy credits

A clear approach to climate leadership

Climate Neutral Certified is a high integrity framework for action, with tools for immediate insight and action.
Certify that you meet the standard annually
Label products and tell your story
Join our community and build the movement
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Start by Measuring Your Emissions Now

Reducing emissions is complex. Measuring them shouldn’t be. The Business Emissions Evaluator (BEE), gives you a way to start immediately tracking carbon emissions. It’s accessible, efficient, and effective.
Start your measurement

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