Why go Neutral?

The world needs to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050. Brands and consumers
can lead the way.

Image showing an office chair and lines radiating from the chair reading ,"CO2", "PFCs", and other measurements.
Watch this video to see
Climate Neutral in action.

Everything we make, buy, and sell leaves a carbon trail.

Hand-drawn illustration of a product creation beginning with a farm and ending with transporation.

Climate Neutral Certified brands measure, offset and reduce their emissions from operations from running an office to manufacturing products, and shipping packages. By taking responsibility for decreasing these climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, these brands are taking action halt climate change. And by choosing Climate Neutral brands when we shop, we support businesses that are actively investing in the climate.

The solutions exist.
We simply need to fund them.

And having everyone pay a price for the carbon they emit is the best way to do that: it would spur low-carbon innovation and limit emissions. But this isn't happening fast enough anywhere - and in many cases, it's not happening at all.

Brands can lead by choosing to measure, offset, and reduce their emissions.

Every company in the world should know its carbon footprint. Every company should invest in offsetting and reducing that footprint. Every consumer should be able to pick brands that take responsibility for their carbon emissions.

When that happens, we'll see investment into solutions at a scale that can restore the climate.

A wind power farm at sunset.
Photo mockup of a label showing "Climate Neutral Certified".

As more consumer brands become Climate Neutral Certified, we will:

  • Drive millions of dollars into climate change solutions

  • Demonstrate that companies can pay for their carbon

  • Help consumers find and support climate-conscious brands

  • Decrease global carbon emissions

Join the movement to halt climate change.

Dive deeper into our certification process and get started on your journey to become Climate Neutral Certified. 

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