The Case for Corporate Action

What on earth are we waiting for?!?

For decades, we've known about the threats of climate change. Now we're seeing the effects first-hand. Faced with the greatest environmental crisis ever, we're not doing enough.

The world must reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

And we can, if every business acts. Now.

The consumer voice on climate is clear.

In the last 10 years, consumer concern over climate has increased dramatically. Today, 71% American consumers are worried that climate change will harm them or future generations. And 70% of American consumers believe that corporations should do more to address climate change.

A wind power farm at sunset.
A wind power farm at sunset.

Only 32% of the Fortune 500 have committed to climate targets.

Only half of those are planning to zero out their emissions. Still fewer will actually follow through.

“I believe that buying is more powerful than voting when it comes to changing how the world behaves. And I am determined to change it with my choices”

— Shopper feedback to Climate Neutral Certification

The road to net-zero starts with Climate Neutral.

Climate Neutral Certification gives consumers and businesses a way to choose a net-zero future. When a company gets certified, it invests money and time in avoiding, removing, and reducing carbon emissions.

When thousands of companies get certified, they transform energy and industry, launch new technologies, and preserve entire ecosystems. Together, we can accelerate the change we need.

Photo mockup of a label showing "Climate Neutral Certified".

A net-zero future begins with climate neutrality today.

See how Climate Neutral helps brands take credible, meaningful climate action.

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“We at Versed are Climate Neutral Certified now, because climate change is the global pandemic our society has seen coming for 30 years. Billions more people are at risk of extreme heat events, of water insecurity, and more, if we don't take urgent action. There isn't time to wait. There isn't time for business as usual. We're stepping out and leading within the beauty industry, we're being the change that we want to see. We're inviting all businesses to join us in this movement, to make a cool climate future a reality for everyone.”

— Melanie Bender, Versed