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01 Measure

MiiR used 2019 operational data to estimate its carbon footprint for the year.

GHG Scope 1 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 1

Emissions from energy used in buildings, fleets, and equipment.

0 tCO2e

GHG Scope 2 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 2

Emissions from electricity.

133 tCO2e

GHG Scope 3 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 3

Emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, air travel, and other activities in the supply chain.

8,924 tCO2e

Total Emissions Ⓘ
Total Carbon Emissions

The sum of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

9,057 tCO2e

02 Offset

The entire carbon footprint was offset using verified carbon credits.
Carbon Credits for 2019

9,307 tCO2e

Total 2019 Investment in Carbon Credits


MiiR's credits came from:

No items found.
2019 Emissions Offsets

9,057 tCO2e

Lifetime Emissions Offsets

9,307 tCO2e

03 Reduce

MiiR is implementing a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from within its own operations and supply chain.

Current Year Reduction Actions


What We’re Reducing

Encourage factories to invest in on-site solar energy and allocate more production to those who do.

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

Increase the use of recycled/biodegradable materials in products/packaging.

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

How We'll Reduce It

Prior Year Reduction Actions

Other Sustainability Notes

While our love for the outdoors inspires us, we believe that climate is so much more than solely an environmental or political issue. From the coffee growers of Rwanda, to students in the urban core of Kolkata, to farmers in Washington’s Skagit Valley, many of the people MiiR has supported in the past are on the front-line of the climate crisis. We are committed to helping communities face today’s challenges as we do our part to ensure we all have a stable future in which to thrive. To us, helping empower people for a better future means a commitment to the wellbeing of our global community, both now, and for the long term.

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