Why Get Certified?

Your customers expect you to lead on climate, and we can help.

Climate Neutral turns climate aspirations into action by giving companies a clear roadmap, a simple set of tools, and an incentive to eliminate their carbon - right now.

A High Impact Climate Plan

Climate Neutral Certified companies are all held to the same high standard: measure all of last year's cradle-to-customer emissions, compensate for every tonne, start reducing emissions now, and set longer term reduction targets.

A wind power farm at sunset.
A wind power farm at sunset.

Independently validated

Climate Neutral is a mission-driven nonprofit, motivated by climate impact, not anyone’s bottom line. We want more companies to eliminate their carbon emissions, plain and simple.

Communicated clearly to consumers

The Climate Neutral Certified label means the same thing everywhere, and makes climate friendly behavior easier.

A wind power farm at sunset.
A wind power farm at sunset.

Enabled by low-cost tools

With more than 500 certifications under our belt, we have developed a set of low cost, easy-to-follow tools and resources. They're centered on our measurement platform, the BEE. Our goal is to make it easier for you to act.

Trusted by 350+ businesses leading on climate

“Climate change is the most urgent issue of our generation, and we believe the Climate Neutral certification can help drive a major consumer shift toward net-zero brands at a time when reducing the environmental impacts of businesses couldn't be more critical.”

Hana Kajimura
Sustainability Manager, Allbirds
Photo mockup of a label showing "Climate Neutral Certified".

As more consumer brands become Climate Neutral Certified, we will:

  • Drive millions of dollars into climate change solutions
  • Demonstrate that companies can pay for their carbon
  • Help consumers find and support climate-conscious brands
  • Decrease global carbon emissions
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Note: Companies must be in operation for at least one year in order to qualify for certification.

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