The Brand Emissions Estimator (BEE)

The Brand Emissions Estimator (BEE)

We built the Brand Emissions Estimator (the BEE) to simplify the carbon footprinting process. By creating a single online platform, Climate Neutral took carbon accounting from wonky to workable, greatly reducing the time and expertise it requires to embark on a carbon footprinting.

All companies must measure their carbon footprint in order to become Climate Neutral Certified. Some companies want to measure their footprint first before committing to becoming certified. The point is, everyone should have access to a credible, easy-to-use tool, and that’s why we built the BEE.

What makes the BEE different from other carbon footprinting tools?

  • Save time. You can produce an accurate estimate in just minutes, not days.
  • Your footprint is comprehensive. Your footprint is the blended result of estimations and operational refinements; this ensures nothing is missed, and allows you to move quickly so you can get to work on identifying where to reduce emissions.
  • You get a complete footprint. When you’re done, you’re done - your footprint is complete. You don’t need several disparate tools to measure from cradle to customer.
  • Use the data you have. Unlike other tools that have a stringent list of data inputs, you can refine your footprint with either monetary or physical data.
  • It’s self-serve. For smaller brands, there’s no need to hire a consultant, saving your company thousands of dollars. Many teams manage the BEE in-house, and it takes only a few weeks to get your full footprint, not months or years.
  • It’s affordable. We believe that every company should be able to calculate their carbon footprint, so we’ve made it affordable for companies of every size.
  • Better understand your data. The BEE offers visualizations of your entire footprint from cradle to customer, giving you digestible insight into your footprint.

The BEE measures emissions from cradle to customer. This is equivalent to Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes 1 and 2, plus Scope 3 upstream (categories 1-7) and downstream transport (category 9).

You start your footprint in the BEE by first creating an estimate using basic company information. The BEE produces a high-level footprint using economic input / output data. Next, you refine that estimate using specific data from your business. You’ll need to collect this data using a list we’ll send you. It might include therms of natural gas, kilowatt-hours of electricity, kilograms of aluminum, airline miles, that sort of stuff.

As you work on your footprint, you can refine as little or as much data as you want. Approach this process in a way that makes the most sense to you. We suggest focusing on the biggest drivers of your footprint, which will be evident in your estimate. (If you want to become Climate Neutral Certified, you’ll need to finish at least our minimum required amount of refinements.)

We believe that data collection challenges shouldn’t prevent you from estimating your footprint. For example, not knowing how much of your company’s waste is incinerated versus sent to the landfill shouldn’t be a roadblock. Nor should having flight mile data in dollars, as opposed to miles. The BEE can handle a range of types of data, and fill in the blanks wherever necessary.

Put simply: a quest for perfection shouldn’t stand in the way of mobilizing to understand, offset, and reduce your carbon emissions.

We think that everyone should have access to this tool. Learn more about our plan to open source the BEE.