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01 Measure

Icebug used 2019 operational data to estimate its carbon footprint for the year.

GHG Scope 1 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 1

Emissions from energy used in buildings, fleets, and equipment.

6 tCO2e

GHG Scope 2 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 2

Emissions from electricity.

0 tCO2e

GHG Scope 3 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 3

Emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, air travel, and other activities in the supply chain.

3824 tCO2e

Total Emissions Ⓘ
Total Carbon Emissions

The sum of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

3830 tCO2e

02 Offset

The entire carbon footprint was offset using verified carbon credits.
Carbon Credits for 2019

4,4672 tCO2e

Total 2019 Investment in Carbon Credits


Icebug's credits came from:

Icon of a wind turbine
Icon of a dump truck
2019 Emissions Offsets

3830 tCO2e

Lifetime Emissions Offsets

85,512 tCO2e

03 Reduce

Icebug is implementing a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from within its own operations and supply chain.

Current Year Reduction Actions


What We’re Reducing

Now that we have offset our company's entire historic emissions, we are committed to offsetting all emissions by 200% going forward.

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

Our target for 2020 is to have 50% renewable energy powering the production plants.

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

How We'll Reduce It

Prior Year Reduction Actions

Other Sustainability Notes

We know that we need to take action immediately not to put ourselves and the rest of the planet in extreme jeopardy. You can’t save the planet by buying Icebug shoes, or any other product for that matter. Consumption consumes resources. However, if you do need a pair of shoes, we’re doing what we can to reduce the environmental damage. Icebug’s mission is to be a leader in transforming the industry into becoming fully sustainable. That’s a tall order for a small independent Swedish brand in a dirty business. It requires cleaning up our act properly, sharing and cooperating with others on how it can be done, and making it easier and more fun to make better choices. We're not perfect (although we are improving all the time), but we can't keep waiting to take action until we are. We are and will continue to be transparent with our successes and our shortcomings. If we can inspire the industry giants to follow suit in these efforts, then we have made a real impact.

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