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First Certified 2019

1. Measure
To become Climate Neutral Certified, Grow Ensemble has measured the greenhouse gases it emitted when making and delivering products to its customers.

2. Offset
Its carbon footprint of 10 metric tonnes of CO2e has been fully offset.

3. Reduce
The company is implementing plans to reduce its footprint in 2020.

Climate Neutral Certified Badge


Grow Ensemble used 2019 operational data to estimate its carbon footprint for the year:

Direct Emissions Ⓘ

Direct Emissions

Emissions from fossil fuels and refrigerants used in company buildings, fleets, and equipment.

Indirect Emissions Ⓘ

Indirect Emissions

Emissions from the electricity, and sometimes steam and cold water, used in company facilities.

Supply Chain Emissions Ⓘ

Supply Chain Emissions

Emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, air travel, and other activities in the supply chain.

Total 2019 Carbon Footprint Ⓘ

Total Carbon Footprint

The sum of all product materials, manufacturing, use, and end of life emissions.




The entire carbon footprint was offset using verified carbon credits.
Carbon Credits for 2019
Total 2019 Investment in Carbon Credits

Grow Ensemble's credits came from:

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Emission Offsets


Lifetime Total
Emission Offsets


Grow Ensemble is implementing a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from within its own operations and supply chain.

  • Because we operate remotely, we are distributing a Sustainable Remote Office Guide to all employees to set up their home workspace using sustainable practices and energy-efficient resources.

  • We will be minimizing work-related air travel to bare necessities, and pay for offsets for all work-related air travel that is ultimately necessary for any employee.

Other Sustainability Notes

"Grow Ensemble came into existence for the sole purpose of serving better for the world businesses by helping them expand their audience online and, consequently, expand their impact as well. Better world businesses are those that operate with the greater whole in mind—and not just in the back of their mind, but right up front, center stage. These are the businesses that consider a positive impact on the world and their community a non-negotiable. These are the businesses we want to work with, promote, and ultimately force to be our friends. How do we achieve these goals? We use our SEO and content marketing expertise to build and execute on strategies to grow these better for the world businesses, and we get to know these companies and the issues underlying their missions through our own podcast and blog. Where do we find these businesses and organizations? Through communities like Climate Neutral. One aspect of this community we love is the commitment to continuous learning, accountability, and transparency. And certifications provide just that. We believe that no matter a company’s size, work style, or industry, each business impacts the environment, and it is our job to not only compensate for our negative impact, but make that impact a positive one that ultimately makes the world a more habitable and sustainable place for everyone. We are excited to join Climate Neutral so we can develop our knowledge in sustainable practices alongside companies and organizations on the cutting edge of environmental stewardship."

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