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01 Measure

Fjord Lifestyle used 2019 operational data to estimate its carbon footprint for the year.

GHG Scope 1 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 1

Emissions from energy used in buildings, fleets, and equipment.


GHG Scope 2 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 2

Emissions from electricity.


GHG Scope 3 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 3

Emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, air travel, and other activities in the supply chain.


Total Emissions Ⓘ
Total Carbon Emissions

The sum of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

22 tCO2e

02 Offset

The entire carbon footprint was offset using verified carbon credits.
Carbon Credits for 2019

22 tCO2e

Total 2019 Investment in Carbon Credits


Fjord Lifestyle's credits came from:

Icon of a manufacturing plant
2019 Emissions Offsets

22 tCO2e

Lifetime Emissions Offsets

250 tCO2e

03 Reduce

Fjord Lifestyle is implementing a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from within its own operations and supply chain.

Current Year Reduction Actions


What We’re Reducing

Reduce emissions from manufacturing , implanting new materials, with less energy consuming

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

Reduce emissions from our operations and limit air travel

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

How We'll Reduce It

Prior Year Reduction Actions

Other Sustainability Notes

For Fjord Lifestyle, the decision to join Climate Neutral was quite clear, there is an opportunity in every choice we make to consider nature and find simple ways to protect it, climate neutrality is one of the simple choices we can make to have a significant positive impact on the world we live and for the future generation too. We’re looking beyond carbon neutrality, which means eventually, our business will be Earth positive.

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