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01 Measure

All Good used 2019 operational data to estimate its carbon footprint for the year.

GHG Scope 1 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 1

Emissions from energy used in buildings, fleets, and equipment.

8 tCO2e

GHG Scope 2 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 2

Emissions from electricity.

0 tCO2e

GHG Scope 3 Ⓘ
GHG Protocol Scope 3

Emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, air travel, and other activities in the supply chain.

2,831 tCO2e

Total Emissions Ⓘ
Total Carbon Emissions

The sum of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

2,839 tCO2e

02 Offset

The entire carbon footprint was offset using verified carbon credits.
Carbon Credits for 2019

2,839 tCO2e

Total 2019 Investment in Carbon Credits


All Good's credits came from:

Icon of a tree
2019 Emissions Offsets

2,839 tCO2e

Lifetime Emissions Offsets

2,839 tCO2e

03 Reduce

All Good is implementing a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from within its own operations and supply chain.

Current Year Reduction Actions


What We’re Reducing

We will further launch alternative packaging options.

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

We will source more ingredients from projects dedicated to regenerative farming in indigenous communities, supporting collaborative and women led initiatives.

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

We will complete a Carbon Farm Plan and set goals for maximum carbon sequestered per acre as a combined way to reduce and to inset our carbon impact.

How We'll Reduce It


What We’re Reducing

We will conduct an analysis on downstream shipping logistics and implement findings to reduce unnecessary extra miles of shipping.

How We'll Reduce It

Prior Year Reduction Actions

Other Sustainability Notes

As a premium organic and botanical body care brand, All Good is committed to Making Everybody Better® by regenerating hope for all stakeholders - customers, community, extended family (team +), suppliers, and the earth. To do this, we work hard to ensure our business is being used for good. The power for our headquarters in Morro Bay is supplied by 100% renewable energy, we launched new packaging for all of our sunscreens to be made from post-consumer recycled plastic, and after installing solar energy on our own farm, we mulched it and intercropped our medicinal Calendula Flowers in rows under fruit trees to reduce the need for weeding and watering and to support increased microbial content. We made a goal for 2020 to be 100% Carbon Neutral, and since doing so we have offset all of our non-reduced emissions through carbon drawdown projects, made an ongoing emissions reduction plan, and have become Climate Neutral Certified. We recognize that we are always learning, humbled by the work we have in front of us and excited to keep on it.

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