Our 2022 Impact Report

Austin Whitman
February 1, 2023
2022 was a year of significant and exciting growth. We're happy to share our results and what's ahead in 2023.

Last year we welcomed 90 new certified brands, quadrupled our greenhouse gas impact per company since 2020, and made huge progress toward our goal of eliminating millions of tonnes emissions. 

Looking back on the year, it’s clear: carbon accountability is now a must-have for sustainability programs worldwide. Our consumer movement for immediate climate action is rapidly growing.  And our community is now larger and more active than ever, with thousands of people working toward a net-zero future. 

We want to thank you for your continued support, ideas, and collaborative partnership. We’re happy to share our results from 2022 and look forward to even bigger impact ahead.

Climate Neutral 2022 Impact Report

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About the Author

Austin Whitman
CEO, Climate Neutral

Austin Whitman is the CEO of Climate Neutral. He started working on climate change and clean energy 17 years ago and believes companies and consumers must do more to eliminate carbon emissions. When he's not building Climate Neutral, he's a dad, a husband, and an amateur at many hobbies.

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