Carbon neutrality now has a higher standard.

Climate Neutral Certification gives businesses and consumers a way to a net-zero future.

Over 300 brands are leading the way to a zero-carbon future.

There's still time to restore the global climate by removing and reducing carbon emissions.

If we start now.

Government policy is one way to cut carbon emissions, but it's not working fast enough. The choices of companies and consumers can accelerate emission reductions.

It's time for companies and consumers to lead, and make climate change solutions happen at a global scale.

Why this matters
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“Going through the Climate Neutral Certification process gave my team and me fresh insight into our supply chain's carbon footprint. Now we're equipped to strategically reduce our emissions and invest in impactful conservation work that offsets 100% of our emissions.”

Matt Stockamp
Sustainability Lead
Two women lounge on a picnic blanket. Both hold MiiR bottles.

“Becoming Climate Neutral Certified was an excellent way for MiiR to start taking action on climate as a company. The process is comprehensive, but with the roadmap and support the CN team provides, this complex undertaking becomes manageable. Now we have a tangible way to show our commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Charlie Clark
Director of Impact, MiiR
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"Climate change is the most urgent issue of our generation, and we believe the Climate Neutral certification can help drive a major consumer shift toward net-zero brands at a time when reducing the environmental impacts of businesses couldn't be more critical."

Hana Kajimura
Sustainability Manager, Allbirds

From Our Brands

We help companies take immediate responsibility for carbon emissions.

And we give consumers a way to find them.

Get certified
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01 Measure

Estimate the greenhouse gas emissions you create when you make and deliver products and services. The BEE, our software tool, helps you do this in days, not months.

02 Offset

Offset your brand’s entire footprint for last year. We connect you with verified carbon credits to fund projects that avoid and remove emissions all across the globe.

03 Reduce

Cut your brand's emissions. We put you on track to reduce emissions by prioritizing the biggest sources. You'll benefit from joining our community of brands working to decarbonize.

Learn how it works

You can afford to do it. You can't afford not to.

Carbon emissions are a big problem. But when you break it down, they’re more manageable than you might think. Most brands can start by measuring and offsetting their carbon emissions for less than 0.4% of revenues.

It's a critical first step toward a net-zero world,
and all companies should do it.

Icon of a shoe

Running Shoes

Carbon costs $0.20 / pair

Making an average pair of sneakers creates about 20 kg of CO2e.

Icon of a jacket

Winter Jacket

Carbon costs $0.12 / jacket

Making an average jacket creates about 12 kg CO2e.

Icon of an SUV

Electric SUV

Carbon costs $120 / car

Making an average electric car creates about 12,000 kg CO2e.

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